Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow we are off on an splendid adventure.
There are 15 of us lucky enough to get this coveted invitation.
To celebrate a big birthday - on a little island in FIJI.
Dad is turning 70 (much as he would love us spreading that news around!)
8 days of suntanning, eating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, croquet, snorkeling, runs, hikes, reading, massages... I could go on...
I have been working very hard on a surprise for him for the last 2 months - more on that later.
In the meantime I will attempt to stop by during the vacation, but no promises!
 I have passed off all my house responsibilities to Sam (he didn't make the invite list - his own children barely did!), and all design questions to Jacque and have my fingers crossed that nothing will come up that they can't handle without me!


Sara said...

Have the BEST time, Fiji is amazing, and the people are the kindest!!

Adrianne said...

Padgett, Have the best time and soak up lots of sun for me! Happy Birthday to your dad too! xo

Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

what a trip! i've heard nothing but amazingly wonderful things about Fiji! Enjoy and happy birthday to your dad!

becky frisbie said...

So happy to be one of the invitees! Cannot wait to get there! See you tomorrow!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

So jealous, enjoy! x

mes bijoux said...

what a super present! your Dad will bevery, very happy! In family we use to give trips as birthday present too (but not to the Fijiis)
have a greeeeat time!
kisses from Barcelona!