House updates!

Tile - done
Appliances - done (sort of, more on that in a sec)
Flooring - done
Lighting/electrical - done
Heating - done
Cabinets - almost done

We are getting so so close. This was a bit of a challenging week - light fixtures that don't fit code, carpet that is on a boat from Greece, faucet holes drilled incorrectly on a limestone slab, refrigerator is smaller than expected..

However, with all the bummers, there have been some serious yays! With each challenge, it is just a matter of figuring out the best solution - not always fun. Here are some photos from the past week.
 My sweet deck. You can guarantee there will be some serious sun tanning happening there...
 My g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s marble countertops!
 reclaimed beams & the hole where the chandelier will be (I won't spoil the surprise on which one I went with!)
 The wood floors & a peek at the fireplace in the living room
 Guest bath
 Front entryway closet with a beautifully crafted barn door
My range. I am in love. My refrigerator? Not so in love... it is a bit small (more than a bit) and I am having a very aggressive fight with myself on what I should do about it...

In the end it will all work out, I am sure of that! If there is one thing I nailed, which I didn't think I would - it would be the paint colors. I am so happy with the mix of colors throughout the house! Phew!


Adrianne said...

A-mazing! Your house is transforming into a home! You have such great taste. xo!

Liz Hoke said...

I totally can't wait to see it for real in like 7 days!!! I love love love the floors!!