Landscaping dreams

When the house was finished in December, landscaping was very far from my mind. Now with the onslaught of constant paw & footprints leading the way around my house - I can't stop thinking about landscaping. 

How I want it... now. Already grown/green/lushus/splendiferous.

Here is the front of the house - it doesn't take much imagination to visualize what the rest of the exterior looks like. In total about a quarter acre of mud (I am told it is 'good topsoil' - either way it is very, very messy). I was precariously digging out a plastic bag - one foot on a sinking dust pan & 46% confidence in my balance - danger zone.
Unfortunately - for many reasons (side eye mother nature) - this landscaping business is going to be a slow process.
I have been interviewing prospective companies & each have responded remarkably well to my verison of landscaping talk "over here I want some of those light green grasses, there I want some of those minty grasses & here is where I would like the sage colored leafy plants then lots of purple, white and various golden colors". Good times.

Here are some images from local Landscape Architect Hershberger Designs.
Hopefully, somewhat soon I will have 'after' photos that will make us all smile. If only it would stop snowing.

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